Digging in the dirt. Swinging in the sun. Chasing butterflies.

All children deserve these simple pleasures. The Seattle Children's PlayGarden is a space where children of all abilities can play outdoors and stretch their imaginations and independence: kids on two feet, kids with walkers, kids in wheelchairs, kids who communicate differently. A welcoming place where children with special needs can play along side their typically developing siblings and friends.

picking beans in the garden teens at the PlayGarden water play sisters Garden House at night Therapy is happening Enjoying the sun ducks take a bath taking a stroll in the garden water fun relazing in the sun friends
2014 PlayGarden
Paver Campaign!

Between April - September 2014, you can purchase a personalized paver in honor of your family, company, or loved one!

You can access the order form here!

Pavers will be installed October 2014 at the PlayGarden park, and will be used to create a durable, wheel-chair friendly pathway to our new musical art sculpture designed by Trimpin. Thank you for helping us create accommodating play spaces one paver at a time!

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