The Tree Fort Lookout Deck will allow access to the
Wild Zone for children
of all abilities.

The Tree Fort Lookout will be an exciting new feature of the Wild Zone at the PlayGarden and will make this area accessible to children in wheelchairs.

The Wild Zone is a 20,000 square foot piece of land located on the south side of the park. It is a long sloping hillside that includes a storm water management system (bioswale-raingarden) multiple large boulders, and a varied  rich planting scheme of shrubs, trees and perennials that provide a rich ecosystem for birds, insects and small mammals. 

It is a challenging terrain that encourages active play and exploration. Children run, build forts, "go camping" and hike the hills and boulders.  It is hugely popular with children of all ages and almost all abilities.

A large deck will be constructed off the sidewalk and extend out over a section of hillside. A large stand of evergreen trees will be incorporated in the deck giving the space a "Swiss Family Robinson" tree house like feel.

The Tree Fort will attract children of all ages and abilities so that all children have the outdoor experience they deserve.

Wild Zone

Help us build our
Tree Fort Lookout

The Tree Fort Lookout will make this area accessible to childrens in wheelchairs by extending the Wild Zone to the level surface of the sidewalk.

Our goal for this project is $30,000. We currently have $5,000. Can you help us reach our goal?

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