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The PlayGarden's mission is to provide children of all abilities a safe, accessible and adventurous place to play.

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 Inclusion Workshop Series at the PlayGarden

Introductory Inclusion Workshops

Friday November 15th, 8:30am-12:30am


Friday November 22, 8:30am-12:30pm 

*Space is limited. Please register with the links. 

The Intro workshops will offer the same content. Please register for the workshop that works best for your scheduling. All participants are encouraged (though not required) to also register for the advanced workshop.  

Advanced Inclusion Workshop

Friday February 7th, 2020, 8:30am-12:30pm 


After you register the event organizers will send you an email with a short questionnaire that will help us design the workshop with your specific organizational needs and questions in mind.

The Seattle Children's PlayGarden in partnership with the Best Start for Kids Initiative is pleased to announce our 2019-2020 introductory and advanced inclusion workshop series, 

Say "Yes!" to Kids with Disabilities

Goal of the workshop series: 

The goal of the workshop series is to empower youth-serving organizations and community spaces such as parks, gardens, museums, zoos, and even the ballpark become more inclusive of children and families of children with disabilities.

About the workshops 

The Seattle Children's PlayGarden is offering two FREE 4-hour introductory workshops on inclusion followed by one advanced workshop in February.

Workshop Facilitation 

This workshop will be lead and facilitated by the Seattle Children's PlayGarden's Executive Director and Founder, Liz Bullard and Inclusive Programs Director, Hannah Gallagher.


Should I attend this workshop? 

The workshop is specifically catered to support youth-care professionals such as program directors,  managers, administrators,  and educators with the skills and techniques essential to creating spaces where all kids are welcome, panned for and supported.  If you do not specifically work with youth but are interested in helping shift attitudes and practices in our community to being more inclusive of children with and without disabilities please attend.



The workshop series is FREE. Thanks to our community partner Public Health- Seattle and King County for making this workshop series possible.  

 Site-Specific Inclusion Training


Site-specific trainings are customized for your location, organization and to meet the needs of the population you serve. 

Please email our Inclusive Programs Director Hannah Gallagher at Hannah@childrensplaygarden.org to discuss options for site-specific training opportunities. 

A Community Call To Action

As parents and members of our community you know best which organizations your family likes to visit. Please help up spread the word about our workshop series to those organizations by sharing this flyer and encouraging staff from those organizations to attend our workshop series.