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The PlayGarden's mission is to provide children of all abilities a safe, accessible and adventurous place to play.

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Summer Camp  

The PlayGarden offers a fully inclusive nature-based summer camp experience for kids with disabilities and their typically developing peers, ages 3.5-21. Camps are Monday-Thursday, from 9:30 am-1:30 pm. With a counselor-camper ratio of 1:3, we support and encourage each child to follow their own personal quest for adventure and play. Click here for camp program descriptions.


Huckleberries: ages 3.5 to 8

Garden Explorers: ages 4 to 12

Green Thumbs: ages 10 to 21

Junior Counselor Program: ages 12 to16 

Can't wait for next summer? 

2020 Summer Camp dates and registration forms will be available Mid-February. 

If you have questions about summer camp accommodations and supports, registration, program fees or scholarship requests please email camp@childrensplaygarden.org or call our office (206) 325-5576. 


"The PlayGarden just feels right.  Other day camps have required a lot of work to support Alex and help him be able to have a good time.  Here it was easy.  I didn’t have to explain about his wheelchair, his communication device, or his disability.  We didn’t feel self conscious, out of place, or rushing to keep up. I was impressed by the quality of the people working with the kids.  They really engaged the kids, and supported and expanded on their play. Thank you!" -- P. Toole

Camp newsletters 

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Camp Poems  

Camp is….

Making new friends

hearing lots of laughter

singing songs together


Camp is….

Feeling loved by others,

proud of yourself

and super silly


Camp is…

Tasting tomatoes,


and unripe blueberries


Camp is….

Getting dirty with bird poop and feathers,

Getting wet in the water feature

Feeing the sun and rain


Camp is…

Yellow green and orange.

- Jenny, Summer Camp Counselor 

Ah magic, mystical place.

What sort of surprises will you throw down today?

How can I explain when I come home,

The surprises seen?

As when London came over

In a fur vest

And started breakdancing 

In the breezeway.

And how could I explain

The surprising emotion, 

the joy I felt,

When Julian handed me a sprig of lavender

Or when Sparrow,

leaned towards the summer noon sky,

And smiled.

To be at the PlayGarden.

This park so populated with remarkable events

And sunshine people

Beaming right back towards 

the sun.

- Patrick, Summer Camp Counselor 

Thank you to our amazing 2019 summer staff

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